Starting A Tree Surgeon Business In Kent

Tree Surgeon in Kent

A tree surgeons business in Kent is not the right option for everyone, but people with a head for heights and a love of the outdoors often thrive in this profession. While many of the steps involved in starting this type of business are similar to any other business, there are certain preliminary steps which should be completed. These steps ensure that the business is started on the right foot and has the best chance of success.

Owner Tree Surgery Qualifications

Kent Tree SurgeonThere are no legal requirements when it comes to the training a tree surgeon needs to have. This does not mean that anyone should start this type of business if there is a market for it. It is recommended that a short course through Lantra, the industry body, be completed before a business is tree surgeons in Kent is started.

The short course will provide the knowledge that tree surgeons need and ensure that they are always safe. Certain practical matters of the business are also covered in the course such as identifying different diseases. Without this knowledge, it is unlikely that a tress surgeon business will survive.

Gaining Experience in Kent

After completion of the short course, it is possible to start a business in this industry, but it is not recommended. Knowledge and experience are different and will impact the success of the business differently. Gaining experience within Kent is recommended before a business is started.

There are many ways that this experience can be gained. Working for a tree surgeon company for a few years is one method that provides experience and support. Volunteering with the Woodland Trust or National Trust can also provide the experience required. Practical skills and confidence will also benefit from this.

Planning The Costs

After completing the short course and gaining experience, planning for the business needs to be done. This planning will include a plan for the initial and ongoing costs of the business. The initial costs include the fees to set up the business such as registering with Company’s House and having a solicitor conclude any legal paperwork.

The assets that the business requires will also need to be planned for. At a minimum, the business needs to have a truck for the removal of greener, branches and trees. Climbing equipment, chainsaws and other tools of the trade will be needed. Knowing the potential costs will help with the financial aspect of the business plan.

Getting Funding

Kent MapFunding a new tree surgeon business generally requires additional start-up capital. It is possible to obtain this capital through a small business loan from a bank or financial lender. To obtain the funding, a clear and detailed business plan is generally required.

Financial forecasts are also beneficial and they can only be created after research into the market in Kent. The forecasts should list the costs of the business as well as the potential income. This is something that a financial adviser or accountant will be able to help with.


Once the business has been registered and all the equipment purchased or rented, marketing will need to be done. Without a good marketing strategy, the business will struggle to get clients and eventually fold. Tree surgeons use a combination of traditional and digital marketing.

A website is a must and listing the business in online directories will help with visibility. Leaflets and fliers in the area the business will operate in can also boost marketing. Of course, the budget for this marketing should be set out and should not be exceeded.

Starting a Kent tree surgeon business is similar to starting any other business. Research and a good business plan are required to get funding and to create a road map for the future. Completing a short course from the industry body and having practical experience before starting the business is also recommended.